Tanzania 7 Days Mara Crossing Northern Serengeti Migration Luxury Royal Safari tour

Maximize your chance of watching the spectacular migration in Mara Crossing Northern Serengeti by booking one of our Tanzania 7 Days Mara Crossing Northern Serengeti Wildebeest migration private Luxury Royal Safari tour. Get the best 7 Days Mara Crossing Northern Serengeti migration safari experience. This 7-day safari combines a focus on the great wildebeest migration in the beautiful Serengeti National Park with visits to other Northern Circuit highlights, as you'll catch It starts at the beautiful Tarangire National Park and ends in the beautiful Ngorongoro conservation area with its spectacular volcano. crater, full of wildlife.
7 Day(s)
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You will be picked up from Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) by a staff member of Jerry Tanzania Tours. From there, you'll be driven to Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge at the Usa River near Arusha and briefed on your upcoming trip. Enjoy a relaxing night before starting your adventure tomorrow! Accommodation: Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge


You'll depart from the Usa River after breakfast for a roughly two-hour journey to Tarangire National Park. Along the way, your eyes will be opened to all the colors and personalities of Tanzania: perhaps the Maasai herders are leading their goats to new pastures. You'll get to know your driving guide, marveling at his in-depth knowledge as he easily answers all of your questions. Once you've entered Tarangire, you'll begin your game across the rich landscape of the endless golden steppe that surrounds the Tarangire River. Tarangire is huge. When you stand at the park's gate and look south, it stretches out as far as your eye can see. Known as the "Elephant Playground," this breathtaking park is home to the largest population of these mighty mammals. But Tarangire is also home to buffalo, lions, wildebeest, zebras and gazelles, and the park rivals the Serengeti in animal density. What can you see today? Maybe a lone male lion lying under a tree, maybe a trio of male jaguars enjoying a lazy bonding moment in the sun. Perhaps a graceful antelope or a Grant's zebra moving out of the way or a few giraffes happily gnawing on the finest branches of acacia. For tarangire specialties, look out for kudu and oryx. Here, as in other parks, it is better not to overlook the small animals. It is easy to be mesmerized by the power and majesty of an elephant or the elegance of a giraffe. Ask your instructor to find you an agama lizard, especially a male that changes color in front of you depending on the temperature! Or the hyrax, known as the pimbi, an insignificant creature about 30cm long… surprisingly related to elephants! Few trees will pass you without something of interest to the birds that catch your eye. A memorable colored light can be a lilac breasted roller or a beautiful starling. Ostriches are abundant and it's hard not to laugh at the sight of the intelligent, studious named secretary bird as it clumsily roams the grasslands. The park is also famous for its noble baobab trees, rolling steppe and acacia forest. It can get dusty - wear a mouth mask - but that's a minor inconvenience to see wildlife in such abundance. After a long outing and picnic, you'll leave the park for the cooler parts of the Ngorongoro highlands. Accommodation: Tloma Lodge Meal Package: Breakfast will be provided by Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge. Lunch will be a nutritious and balanced meal, also provided by the hotel when you go on safari. Your dinner will be a fully cooked dinner created by the chef and his team at Tloma Lodge


After breakfast, you will depart for your next destination, the beautiful Serengeti National Park, a distance of 166 km and a travel time of about 3.5 hours. Late in the morning, you'll head to the Serengeti, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the oldest and most famous national park in the country, and take a game drive. There are certainly not many better places on earth to see such numbers and diversity of wildlife. You'll be absorbed in breathtaking views, magically changing lights and - of course - spotting the many animals that make their home here. Your dedicated driving guide will be happy to share with you their knowledge of this incredible place, its flora and fauna. With thousands of predators - and their prey in the hundreds of thousands - it's no surprise that there's always something intriguing going on among wildlife populations. Your driving guide can find lions, leopards, elephants, zebras, cheetahs and antelopes on today's safari… just some of the many species here. Take memorable photos, but don't forget to take a deep breath and enjoy the pristine beauty of nature in real time. After the game drive, you will be taken to your accommodation for a welcome break, dinner and overnight stay. Archive: The Sound of Silence Meal Package: Breakfast is served at Tloma Lodge. Lunch will be a nutritious and well-balanced meal, also provided by the lodge while on safari. Your dinner will be a delicious one at Sound of Silence.


After breakfast, your journey from Central Serengeti to North Serengeti will take around 5 hours, with plenty of changing landscapes and wildlife highlights to see along the way. The northern Serengeti is a region of open forest, stretching from the Seronera River in the south to the Mara River in the north, marking the border with neighboring Kenya. While here, you can get acquainted with a whole new range of exotic names: Bolongonja, Kogatende, Lamai and of course, the legendary Mara River. Now you are following in the footsteps of the Great Migration, large herds of thousands of wildebeest and zebras preparing to cross the Mara into Kenya and back. It is an integral part of the annual ritual. Daily crossings cannot be guaranteed, but your driving guide knows the places most likely to witness it, one of nature's awe-inspiring sights. Patience is required! And if you're not lucky enough to attend a border crossing, there's always tomorrow; and in the northern Serengeti, today there is much more to see. At the end of the game, you will be taken to your chosen accommodation to relax and enjoy dinner.


After breakfast, you'll shake hands with your driving guide for a full day's drive through the northern Serengeti regions. If you didn't see any river crossings yesterday, today presents another possibility. Your driving guide has in-depth knowledge of where and when they can happen. Populations of elephants and giraffes, dik-diks, buffaloes and lions all reside here, but the timing of the migration poses an entirely different scene. Giant crocodiles lurked in preparation for the river crossing, trying to knock down a wildebeest or two as their herd plunged into the waters on the other side. Security in data? That's not always the case, so you'll probably not only see a crosswalk, but you'll probably get killed. Patience will pay off for it - for the crocodiles and for you, the visitor, getting ready with your camera! After a full and exciting day of wildlife watching in the northern Serengeti, you will return to your accommodation for dinner and a second night's stay. Accommodation: Mara under the canvas Meal Package: Breakfast is served at Mara Under Canvas. Lunch will be a nutritious and balanced meal, also provided by the camp for you when you go on safari. Your dinner will be a delicious one at Mara Under Canvas.


While you are sleeping or having breakfast, you can be sure that your driving guide has checked out what is happening in the wonderful world of wildlife. Rest assured, he will find you a star! Before leaving the northern Serengeti, you have a chance this morning to enjoy another driving game in this wonderful place. This gives you more time to admire the migratory herds and the dangers and challenges they face every year in the battle for survival. In the early afternoon, you will depart for your next destination, central Serengeti, a journey of about 155 km with an estimated time of about 5 hours. There will be plenty to see along the way, and upon arrival you will arrive at the Soul of Silence, where you were on the third day. The camp team will be waiting to welcome you back. Archive: The Sound of Silence Meal Package: Breakfast is served at Mara Under Canvas, who will also prepare lunch for you to enjoy during the game drive. Your dinner will be a full, cooked meal created by the Soul of Silence team


After breakfast, you will join a morning game in the wonderful Serengeti, admiring its animals. With a visitor information center, the Seronera area of central Serengeti is the most popular part of the national park. And it is also very popular with wildlife. The Seronera River flows year-round, so there's always something interesting to see. Some games can be done here and it is possible to spot lions in key poses, hippos or herds of elephants - whose populations in the park have increased in recent times. Depending on other attractions, you can choose to head to the Serengeti Visitor Center, where you'll find a great explanation of the park's ecology and the chance to understand the conservation history of the area this area. In particular, you will explore the work of Bernhard Grzimek and the Zoological Society of Frankfurt, whose vision is to preserve the Serengeti ecosystem. Even in the center you can find wildlife: populations of Hyraxes and Mongooses, as well as many small birds. After lunch, you will drive southeast towards the Ngorongoro conservation area. If you haven't been struck by its vastness, the Serengeti's 'endless plains' will make a deep impression on you as you take the long, straight road through Simba Kopjes (famous from the 'Lion King') to get to Naabi. Gate of the hill, near the split between the Serengeti and Ngorongoro. Here you can crawl at the visitor center at the gate, climb the hill for great views of the plains, or look for a colorful agama lizard among the rocks. Location: Ngorongoro Lion Farm Meal Plan: Breakfast is served at Sound of Silence. Lunch will be a nutritious and balanced meal, also provided by the tent complex for your safari. Your dinner will be a delicious meal at Ngorongoro Lion Farm.


From your accommodation, you'll depart after breakfast, departing at 6am for the rim and then back to the vast crater. On one side is the Lerai Forest, a classic montane forest landscape with quasi-tropical features. This is the land of good elephants, so keep your eyes peeled. Adjacent to the nearby marsh is what is sometimes referred to as the "Elephant Graveyard", as the mighty males at the end of their lives come to graze on the soft marshes when their teeth are damaged. The crater has a population of about 120 lions, with well-defined territories; 15,000 wildebeest, 9,000 zebras, 400 hyenas and about 50 black rhinos. Many wildebeest and other herd animals reside there, taking advantage of a variety of year-round water sources and stimulated by a number of seasonal migratory species. Buffalo, Serval, Jackal, Thomson's antelope and elk are also present in large numbers. Hippos can be found in pools and marshes and highland birds are colorful and abundant around the waters. Flamingos can often be seen in Lake Magadi, which occupies part of the crater floor. After a morning game drive in this magnificent crater and then lunch, you'll be on a 3.5-hour, 192-kilometer journey back to Arusha. Meal Package: Breakfast is served at Ngorongoro Lion Camp. Lunch will be a nutritious and well-balanced meal, also provided by the takeaway safari camp and enjoy after your morning game drive, before you head back to Arusha. Since today is the end of the game, please note that dinner tonight is not included in the tour. Departure Instructions: Please note that this 7 Day Wildebeest Migration ends in Arusha at 5pm, your departure can only be tomorrow if you have booked a domestic departure from Kilimanjaro International Airport at 07:10 am or later or international flights departing at 06:40 am and beyond. So you will have to book an extra night (not including the price of the trip) and take a flight the next day.
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  • Drinks (As specified in the day-by-day section)
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  • International flights (From/to home)
  • Additional accommodation before and at the end of the tour
  • Tips (Tipping guideline US$10.00 pp per day)
  • Personal items (Souvenirs, travel insurance, visa fees, etc.)
  • Government imposed increase of taxes and/or park fee
  • Alcohol drinks
  • Balloon Tour
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