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  • Bear vs lion - who would win this battle?[video]

    Things being what they are, here's a decent simple inquiry for all of you – who might win the battle lion versus bear?

    Some of you may say a bear because of its brute force and aggression. Others may say a lion on account of its cleverness, covertness and characteristic conceived executioner sense.

    This article compares and contrasts the strengths of these two magnificent beasts, and wonders who wins in the fight between the bear and the lion.


  • Why every person should travel alone at least once in their lives

    It is an empowering experience that is much richer than traditional tourist travel.

    While some might argue that its unsafe, if you use common sense and respect the local culture, you'll probably be fine.

    Traveling Alone is an Introspective Experience - Having time alone to see the world gives you time to think about your life goals and dreams.

    You will discover more about yourself when you are alone and out of your comfort zone.

    You will realize what you are capable of.

    Foreign cities and landscapes, new people, and new cultures are thought provoking.