About us

Restova is an all in one travel platform promoting the culture and the beauty of Tanzania by allowing travellers to plan their trip, find amazing things to do and discover local Culture.

Restova connects travellers with tourism service providers (Tour operators , Travel agents) in Tanzania.Tour companies register their profiles on Restova, providing detailed information about their business, uploading their tour packages. Travellers who visit Restova can choose or compare  from amongst thousands of these tour packages, to find the one most suited to their travel requirements.They can directly interact with the operator to seek travel advice and customise their itineraries, hence enjoying their trip on their own terms. 

Restova is the business discovery platform to turn to for trustworthy, efficient, and  Well written Travel Guides and reviews in major cities around the paradise of Zanzibar, Tanzania.  A mix of user-generated content and our own expertise, all the information on the website serves one purpose: To help you find the perfect destination(s).

For tour Operators

Restova is a platform where we help travel agents to grow their business by our quality lead generation service.

We care about your business success. Think of us as dedicated marketing partners, here to help your Travel business grow. It's why we provide effective Travel marketing solutions.

Many tour operators don't  know how to get their customers from online channels. Today the local advertising world has changed, yet people don't use coupon or paper advertising anymore. The advertising market has shifted to the internet. Our state of the art website is so easy you can create your Free  business profile in a few minutes and upload your tour packages. Once this is done  you will get a total access to your listing page where you can edit, change or manage your tours. The more content, picture or information you put the more customers you will attract. 

Listing your Profile and tours on Restova is 100% free,  We will also send to you  contact information of the Travelers who will inquire about your tour packages, Traveler information includes: Location, E-mail address, Phone number, Date expecting to travel, destination the traveler is interested and more.

See how Restova can work for you.