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Why every person should travel alone at least once in their lives

It is an empowering experience that is much richer than traditional tourist travel.

While some might argue that its unsafe, if you use common sense and respect the local culture, you'll probably be fine.

Traveling Alone is an Introspective Experience - Having time alone to see the world gives you time to think about your life goals and dreams.

You will discover more about yourself when you are alone and out of your comfort zone.

You will realize what you are capable of.

Foreign cities and landscapes, new people, and new cultures are thought provoking.

You Will Meet Awesome People - When you travel with friends, you tend to stick close to them and limit your interactions with new people.

When alone, you are much eager to meet new people and find travel companions.

You will meet adventurous people who like to travel just like you do.

You will also meet locals who are proud of their city and want to show you a good time.

You Can Do Whatever You Want - You've all been in a new city with friends looking at a map and bickering about where to go next.

When you are traveling alone, you get to decide exactly what you want to see.

No one is going to disagree with you, and you do not have to make any compromises.

No one is going to make you go to a tourist trap, and you can see destinations off the beaten path.

Your dream destination may not be your friends' dream destination.

When you travel alone, you get to go exactly where you want to.

Not fulfilling these expectations could be a disappointment to your friends.

Let's say a local tells you about a really cool waterfall.

You can change plans on a whim to go visit it without disappointing anyone.

You Are More Approachable When Traveling Alone - People are more likely to talk to the lone traveler than a large group of people.

Locals will be more intrigued by the lone traveler than a group of tourists.

Interacting with locals gives you a cultural exchange, which is an essential component of traveling.

It is much harder to accommodate a group of people.

The locals will always know better things to see than the tourist traps.

You may find yourself at an awesome destination off the beaten path that you would have never found before.

Traveling Alone is an Empowering Experience - Taking a journey alone gives you sudden power and independence.

Suddenly you are relying on yourself for everything.

When you are traveling with a group, you may rely on the group leader for directions.