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Types Of Chihuahua Dogs

Chihuahuas are tiny, lively dogs originally from Mexico. They're one of the smallest dog breeds, weighing only a few pounds and standing about 6 to 8 inches tall. These dogs come in two types: short-haired and long-haired, with various colors and patterns.

Known for their bold and feisty personalities, Chihuahuas have a big attitude despite their small size. They're affectionate, loyal, and tend to bond closely with their owners. They don't need much exercise but enjoy short walks and playtime. Due to their small size, they're better suited for indoor living and might need extra warmth in cold weather.

Chihuahuas can live for a long time, usually between 12 to 20 years. They may face some health issues like dental problems and joint concerns due to their petite frames. Overall, they're popular as companions for their compact size and vibrant personalities, making them well-loved pets for many.

There are seven (7) common options, let’s look at them...

1.Unique Coat Colors


Chihuahuas, like many other dogs, can have special and interesting coat colors. These colors can be quite different from the usual brown or black. Some Chihuahuas have coats with colors like blue-gray (called "blue"), rich dark brown (known as "chocolate"), or even patches of different shades like spotted patterns (called "merle").

Other unique colors include stripes (known as "brindle"), light sandy tones (referred to as "fawn"), and lighter shades of off-white (referred to as "cream"). These distinctive coat colors add to the individuality and charm of these small, lively dogs.

2.Short-Haired Chihuahuas

Short-Haired Chihuahua

The Short-Haired Chihuahua is a variety of the Chihuahua breed characterized by its smooth, short coat. These Chihuahuas have sleek, glossy fur that lies close to their body, requiring minimal grooming. 

Short-Haired Chihuahuas come in various colors and patterns and are known for their small size, vibrant personalities, and affectionate nature. They are energetic, loyal companions that thrive in indoor environments and are cherished for their compact size and loving demeanor.

3.Long-Haired Chihuahuas


Long-Haired Chihuahuas are a variety of the Chihuahua breed distinguished by their flowing, longer coats compared to their short-haired counterparts. These Chihuahuas have soft, silky fur that can grow quite lengthy, particularly around the ears, neck, chest, and tail. 

Their luxurious coats require more grooming to prevent tangles and matting. Long-Haired Chihuahuas exhibit the same small size, lively personalities, and affectionate demeanor as short-haired Chihuahuas, making them beloved companions known for their charming appearance and playful nature.

4.Deer-Headed Chihuahua


The Deer-Headed Chihuahua is a term used to describe a particular head shape within the Chihuahua breed. This variation features a head structure resembling that of a deer, with a slightly longer muzzle and a more elongated skull compared to the Apple-Headed Chihuahua, which has a shorter, more rounded skull shape resembling an apple.

Deer-Headed Chihuahuas typically have a narrower skull, longer nose, and more prominent stop (where the forehead meets the muzzle) compared to Apple-Headed Chihuahuas. Their ears might also be larger and more upright

5.Apple-Head Chihuahuas


The apple-headed Chihuahua is the most common type of Chihuahua. Most Chihuahuas, including breed-standard short-haired and long-haired Chihuahuas, have apple heads. As a result, this head shape is deemed "normal."

The apple-head Chihuahua, as you might expect, has an apple-shaped head. It has a rounded shape and a very slanted nose. They are now very common. The majority of Chihuahua puppies will fall into this category.

The muzzle on this head type is slightly shorter. Many dogs develop a molera, or soft place on their skull. As the puppy matures, this hole may or may not shut completely. Many people consider this hole to be a health hazard, which is why some breeders created the dear-head Chihuahua.


6.Teacup Chihuahuas


These dogs might have long or short fur and any form of head. They are distinguished from other Chihuahuas by their smaller stature. Some breeders are constantly seeking for ways to modify canines to satisfy the needs of purchasers. In many circumstances, this means a smaller Chihuahua.

The issue with smaller Chihuahuas is that they are more prone to health issues. Chihuahuas are already little. When you try to make them even smaller, you compress the entire internal structure of the dog into a smaller space. Teacup Chihuahuas frequently have neurological problems, and many do not live past puppyhood.

As a result, many breeders argue that this dog is unethical. They are a specialized breed, albeit some technically meet breed standards. As a result, you must locate a specialized breeder, and these dogs are not cheap.

7.Pear-Headed Chihuahua


The term "Pear-Headed Chihuahua" is not a widely recognized or established classification within the Chihuahua breed. In discussions about Chihuahua head shapes, you'll commonly come across terms like Apple-Head or Deer-Head, which describe different head structures or skull shapes within the breed.

The reference to a "Pear-Headed" Chihuahua might be an informal or individual characterization used by some breeders or Chihuahua enthusiasts to describe a Chihuahua with a head shape that they perceive to resemble a pear. However, this is not a standardized or officially recognized classification within the breed.

It's important to remember that the Chihuahua breed standard primarily focuses on qualities like size, body structure, coat type, and general appearance rather than specific head shapes. Variations in head shapes, such as Apple-Head or Deer-Head, are observed within the breed, but they're not formally acknowledged or defined as distinct categories in breed standards.