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Getting to know the Burigi - Chato National Park

Following official proclamation of the Burigi – Chato National Park by His Excellence John Pombe Magufuli, President of the United Republic of Tanzania, a number of travelers and other tourism stakeholders have been inquisitive in terms of its location and attractions that the third largest National Park has to offer.

The Burigi – Chato National Park, established on 9th July 2019 traces its origin back to 1970’s where it acquired the status of a National Game Reserve covering Kimisi, Biharamulo and Burigi. Administratively, Burigi – Chato National Park is located in Kagera region within Muleba, Ngara, Biharamulo districts while in Geita region, the Park is in Chato district.

The Burigi – Chato National Park has more than 2,200 square kilometer, is now ranking the third National Park in Tanzania after Ruaha and Serengeti National Parks which ranks number one and two respectively in terms of the size.

Geographically, Burigi – Chato National Park is a typical grassland area of the African Savannah. It is set among the pictorial beauty of the lakes and river side which is delight for the eyes of the tourist. It has abundance and varieties of wildlife ranging from carnivores, herbivores to rare species of birds.

The Burigi – Chato National Park is also a home to various lakes including the famous Lake Victoria which is shared between Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. Equally important, Burigi–Chato National Park is a few kilometers away from Rwanda and Burundi. Therefore, one may drive from Burigi – Chato National Park to various East African destinations.

To visit Burigi – Chato National Park one may fly from Dar es salaam to either Bukoba Airport then drive to Burigi or fly from Dar es salaam to Chato Airport then drive to Burigi – Chato National Park. Alternatively, one can drive from Serengeti to Burigi – Chato National Park through Mwanza.  However, given the distance from Dar es salaam to Burigi – Chato National Park (more than 1000 kms) it is advisable to fly than to drive unless you wish to explore and get experience road trip in Tanzania.

Being the newly established National Park, there is a lot of potential in terms of tourism value chain. The Park is still virgin in terms of hotels and accommodation, souvenir shops and transport and transportation. More importantly, the Park is yet another avenue where East African Tour Operators particularly from Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi could see how they could jointly work together.

What to expect at Burigi – Chato National Park

While at Burigi – Chato National Park expect to see;

the natural landscape and magnificent mountainous sceneries;
varieties of wildlife;
preserved ecological system;
amazing lakes;

What to do at Burigi – Chato National Park

safari game drive
honeymoon safari
photographic safari
cultural safari

Who to take you to Burigi


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