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Founded in 1992, The East African Safari And Touring Company started life as a one-car, one staff outfit intent on plugging the gap that existed between the budget safari market and that of the luxury safari. The recognition of a growing middle market, that sought the reliability of the up-market operators without the exclusivity of price and attitude that accompanied it, was an important thread of the business ethos. The modus operandi reflected this philosophy, using high quality camping equipment, custom-built 4WD Safari vehicles and a personal attention to the client's needs so as to carve a reputation for EASTCO as an operator of integrity, dynamism and versatility.

EASTCO is a Tanzanian - Australian family business, a family with over 30 years of living, volunteering and working in Tanzania: proof not only of our longevity but also proof of our commitment to Tanzania and it's people, and proof of our commitment to the sustainability of Tanzania's natural resources.

EASTCO is a company that has lead the way in community conservation in Tanzania; the first (and so far only !) lodge to have joint community ownership (Boundary Hill Lodge); the establishment of the first community conservation area in Tanzania, (Tarangire Conservation Area); and a history of pioneering new, exciting and off-the-beaten-path destinations (the Swahili Coast, Kolo, Mkomazi and Lake Babati). We first opened the north eastern side of Tarangire to community, low impact wildlife tourism, in 1995 with Naitolia Camp on village lands, which, at the time,was only the second camp opened to protect habitat surrounding Tarangire National Park, and Ol Tukai Manyara on the eastern shores of the lake in the Tarangire-Manyara Wildlife Corridor. Now 15 years later there are over 13 camps, campsites and lodges which have been established bordering Tarangire National Park, all have followed our lead and are involved in various degrees in community conservation, increasing by almost 50% the habitat protected adjacent to the park.

As a company we like to offer private and personal safari experiences, so we don't always offer what the mainstream operators offer. There are over 300 other safari companies that can do this! We try and offer as much as possible an experience which is unique, but without compromising game viewing; we also recognize that Tanzania is so much more than wildlife, that it has diverse and spectacular landscapes, and with over 120 different tribes, an immense cultural melting pot. This is all part of our Tanzanian safaris.

After so many years living, traveling and working in East Africa, we definitely have our favourite destinations and interests, and these are reflected in diverse and specialized itineraries; birding and orchid safaris, wildlife safaris and "overland" expeditions across the Masai steppes. There is something for everyone and everything for someone.

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5-Day Northern Circuit Luxury Tour

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